Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join FKA or BIMAF?

You can email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 01273 702662. We will send you an information pack by email or post.

Do I have to be a large group or club?

No, we invite anyone who is 1st dan and above who teaches a single class to a senior dan grade with a number of schools/clubs .  We provide simple insurance cover memberships or full status membership where we can support you as much as you like.

If you would like to join FKA as a student then we also provide that option aswell.

What is your political position?

FKA belongs to the English Karate Federation and do not get involved in the politics of Karate. By joining us you have access to CRB checks, member to member insurance,  instructor insurance, Team FKA (for you competitors), risk assessment, membership to BIMAF and cover if you practice and teach other martial arts, dan grade recognition, access to international instructor courses, access to EKF and WKF championships. BIMAF is a open domestic and international federation an does not have political ties.

Can you help us expand our clubs and schools as a business?

We can help you look at your school’s as a business and where you can improve your ability to become financially stronger or expand into other areas of the sport and health industry aswell as other areas of Martial Arts.

Are you Sport or Traditionally based?

The association caters for everyone and looks to work with people. Sensei Paul Simmons has worked with many great instructors and coaches in Martial Arts and also in other industries.  
Sensei Paul recognises the need for individuals and clubs/schools to want to have access to the competitive structure for their competitors but also for Karate-ka to want access to develop
there traditional avenues.

What is the cost of joining FKA or BIMAF?

We charge a one off fee for membership for Full member but not for Basic level membership whcih gives you access to all licene and insurance options and then insurance depends on your package and needs.  See information pack when you email us.

The membership includes a quarterly newsletter. Access to the FKA courses and workshops and also access to our e-magazine for with athlete solutions.

You also get membership  to BIMAF from Affilate level. Our Martial Arts Association allows for instructors and students to supported for other areas of their Martial Arts practice and training from student to instructor.